The mission of Republican Women of Okaloosa Federated is to bring women together to educate members about local, state and national issues; to improve the quality of life in Okaloosa County through political activity and community involvement; to advance the participation of Republican women in all areas of our political system; and to encourage and support qualified Republican women to seek and win public office. 

Message from President Micki Gramm

I want to thank all of our members for being a part of Republican Women of Okaloosa Federated!  We have very important work ahead of us as we look to the elections of 2014 and 2016.  One of the primary goals of RWOF is to promote and support Republican candidates and office holders at the local, state and national levels.  And if those candidates are women, all the better! Another of our goals is to keep our members, as well as the community, informed about issues that affect us all.  As Republican women, we also work to be heard by elected officials of all party affiliation and we have some exciting plans for that this year as well.  Besides these important objectives, we consider it an honor to support our community in ways that affect literacy, education, and our military veterans.  If you are considering becoming a member, please join us at our 1st Wednesday luncheons where you can meet with like-minded ladies, learn about the issues from our speakers, and get to know your local candidates through Forums and the “Candidate Moments” section of our meeting.  On behalf of the RWOF Board, I welcome you and look forward to serving!








Saturday, June 28 FFRW will be holding a state wide Super Saturday. Members are encouraged to walk precincts and make phone calls for Governor Rick Scott and all Republican Candidates.
Please report in the number of calls and doors knocked. Our support of our Republican Candidates does make a difference  to their elections.
Women are the majority voters - we can make a difference!

Congratulations to FWB High School Senior, Meridith Schmieder, the 2014 RWOF Scholarship Recipient.  (l-r) RWOF President Micki Gramm, Literacy Chair Kathy Foster and new member Meridith Schmieder.


June 8, 2014 Left to right: Ruth Sands and RWOF members Pat Dykes, Mattie Peterson, Mike Huckabee, Connie Edmondson, & Marilyn Russell (former member) — with  Mike Huckabee at Destiny Worship Church.

Sew Much Comfort

The number of wounded continues to be much lower than past year’s fighting seasons.  As a result, there is less demand for adaptive clothing and the inventory will be reduced. 

Thank you to Sally Dryden and her team (many of whom are RWOF members) for their dedication to this project. 


Caring for America Project - Cookies for the VA Clinic

Every Thursday  RWOF members take 4 - 5 dozen cookies (more if you are so inclined) to the VA Clinic between 8:00 - 8:30 a.m.  Cookies are to be individually wrapped in sandwich bags with an RWOF label placed on each bag.  Chocolate chip, NO NUTS, is the favorite.  Cookies may be baked or purchased.
The clinic is located on Eglin Parkway on the right before reaching Eglin's main gate. 
For questions regarding this project please contact
Linda Gail Martin, Caring for America Chairman (AKA the Cookie Lady)



Welcome 2014 Candidates






  • Next Meeting

    July 2, 2014        Wyndham Garden Resort                             Okaloosa Island           12:00 lunch


    School Board Candidates Forum


    Hospitality Chairman Donna Pattison         email reservation

    or 651-5822

    Chicken cordon bleu, garlic mashed potatoes, sauteed vegetables
    Cobb salad
    Key lime pie
    Beverage Included

               $16 for members        $18 for guests


  • RWOF Mail Address
    RWOF                PO Box 1202  Shalimar FL  32579 

    Annual Dues $40

  • News from your Sunshine Chairman

    If you know a member who would appreciate receiving a card from the membership
    for a special reason such as illness, surgery, sympathy, congratulations or
    encouragement, please notify the Sunshine Chairman Anna Peele at
    581-2333 or email catwoman302@cox.net.

    “Friendship  isn’t a big  thing – it’s a million  little  things”

  • Happy Birthday

    Maureen Taylor
    Ann Marie Brown
    Patricia Perri
    Cathy Ferkes
    Sue Laushine
    Joanna Musser
    Marty Houston
  • Caring for America CoChairmen:             Lois Mitchell     eelmmitch@yahoo.com    Linda Gail Martin  lindagm7@gmail.com

    Chocolate chip cookies for the VA Clinic
    Thursdays, 8:30 a.m.

  • Americanism                                                                                                                                                            Maddie McNeal, Chairman    smile4maddie@mail.com


  • 2014 Scholarships 

    Scholarship Application


  • Webmaster                                                                                                                       Kathy Foster
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